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About Imani Workshops

Based in Eldoret, Kenya, Imani Workshops was established in 2005 under the social enterprise wing of the Academic Model for Providing Access to Healthcare (AMPATH). AMPATH was created in response to the challenge of providing life-saving care in the face of the HIV pandemic in Kenya. AMPATH now treats over 60,000 HIV-positive persons, with almost 2,000 new patients being enrolled each month at over 500 clinical sites throughout western Kenya.

Imani Workshops is a fair trade, social enterprise created to provide hope and sustainable income opportunities for HIV+ and disabled persons.

Along with medical services provided by AMPATH, Imani artisans are provided skills training and employment opportunities that give them and their children an avenue to rebuild their lives economically and socially.

Imani Workshops is an revenue generating enterprise providing income opportunities to H.I.V-Positive Artisans who have suffered, hunher, poverty and other stigma associated with HIV/AIDS.

The Imani Collections features bold and colourful designs from jewellery and accessories to kids' items and home goods.

Imani Artisans combine the warmth and vibrancy of their landscape and culture with a fresh, modern take on product design that is sure to grab your customer's attention.

"The one thing that sticks in my mind about my visit to Imani was the sense of overwhelming pride that each artisan has for their work. They were beaming! It is truly inspiring"

Visitor from Indiana 2016

The Imani Artists Collective

The Imani Artists collective began in spring of 2009 with the goal of further developing the artistic talents of the Imani artisans. Candidates submitted an application outlining why they wished to participate in an eight week creativity workshop. Efforts were made to utilise locally-sourced art supplies, while at the same time introducing materials that would not be available to the average Kenyan artist.

The focus of the workshop was to "paint their truth". They were encouraged to bravely step into their personal stories, draw and paint from their hearts, and put their feelings and emtions to canvas and paper

In April of 2009, the first Imani Workshop Collective(IAC) presented a visual art show in Kenya. The positive response to the artist's work inspired the Imani management to create a new Art department. In 2010, they received their forest group commission - to fill the new walls of the new Riley mother and BAby hospital in Kenya.

Imani's Vision, Mission and Core Values

The Vision is to make every FPI client self sustainable to support themselves and their families. FPI also strives to contribute to the nation at large, and be reliable partnerships and push its clients to new heights economically.

The mission is to provide avenues for poor and vulnerable members of the community to achieve economic security by increasing their skills, knowledge and productivity.

All persons deserve an opportunity to rebuild thir lives

Membership/ownership of key stake holders is critical for long-term sustainability

HIV/AIDS is a critical factor in determining economic security for a community, and must be addressed in all dimensions to truly overcome property.

Market-driven programming will best ensure economic security for our clients.

Efforts should be rewarded with opportunity to achieve productivity.