imani Stories

Meet Jennifer, Imani workshops Artisan

Life has always been difficult for Jennifer, who is blind. Job opportunities for a disabled woman in Kenya are slim. But things became much, much worse when she was diagnosed with HIV. Employers shunned her. Without work, she fell into the deepest levels of poverty--unable to afford food or clothing. Disabled and sick, things seemed utterly hopeless.

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Meet Silas, Imani workshops Artisan

Silas, a 32 year old married father of two children, he worked as a fisherman prior to joining Imani Workshops. In 2004, he learned that he was HIV positive and, in spite of this, he knew life must continue.

Silas sought treatment at AMPATH where he was referred to Imani Workshops for training and is now fully employed at Imani's clay and beading department.

His dream is to won his own business and earn sufficient income to support his family and also provide training and job opportunities t others.

Meet Rahab, Imani workshops Artisan

Rahab is a 34 year old mother of two children and prior to joining Imani Workshops, she owned a small business.

In 2002, Rahab learned of her HIV status and was in shock, but when she saw other HIV patient using the life-prolonging prescription drugs, she sought treatment at AMPATH and was referred to Imani Workshops.

Rahab works full-time in the Imani paper department and is now able to provide for her children. Her dream is to build residential houses which she can rent out in order to earn additional income for her family.